Swallowing Eating Drinking
Swallowing Eating Drinking
We often get asked when therapy should be started, and the answer is simple,

you are never too young to be in therapy.

Early therapy is highly effective and done in a naturalistic, play-based setting which mirrors typical development and ensures an enjoyable learning environment is created for your child.

If you have concerns that your child may not be developing at the expected rate please contact us, we would love to help your child achieve their milestones.

Voicebox Speech Pathology Swallowing

We can assist children who:

  • have not started to talk but where speech is expected
  • have speech that is difficult to understand or who use limited speech sounds
  • do not imitate sounds or movements
  • are unable to communicate their needs and thoughts
  • use unwanted behaviours due to difficulty communicating with others
  • have difficulty playing with other children
  • have difficulty engaging socially with others
  • have difficulty understanding instructions, sentences and answering questions
  • have difficulty putting words together to make a sentence or use limited words
  • are fussy eaters
  • have difficulty transitioning to solid foods
  • have difficulty transitioning from bottle to cup
  • require assistance to transition from non-oral (tube) feeding to oral feeding

Preschools and child care centres

Preschools will often allow private therapists to deliver assessment or therapy services to children in their centres during opening hours.

These services are paid for by parents or carers. Preschools may elect to pay fully or partially for whole-class screening for children who are transitioning to school next year.

Our school-readiness screening assessment package includes screening of the following areas of development:

  • speech sound development
  • understanding of spoken language and instructions
  • use of spoken language, grammar and sentence structure
  • understanding of basic concepts necessary for success in the first year of school

Please contact us for more information.

Voicebox Speech Pathology Swallowing