Swallowing Eating Drinking
Swallowing Eating Drinking

Swallowing safely, eating and drinking is an integral part of our lives

both for survival and for enjoyment. If not treated or managed correctly eating and drinking problems can result in life-threatening illnesses.
Voicebox Speech Pathology Swallowing

We have vast experience managing complex swallowing difficulties and work with people of all ages who have difficulty swallowing, eating or drinking, including babies, children, teenagers and adults.

It is important that help is sought quickly for suspected eating and drinking difficulties. If you are unsure if help is required please contact us, we are here to help.

A person may require assistance if they:

  • cough, choke or gag during mealtimes
  • have unexplained chest infections or pneumonia
  • have difficulty tolerating some textures of foods
  • have difficulty transitioning to solid foods
  • have a limited range of food and drink preferences
  • have difficulty coordinating their breathing and swallowing
  • refuse to eat or drink, or refuse certain foods or food textures
  • experience food or drink loss from their mouth during mealtimes
  • complain of pain or discomfort when swallowing
  • would like to improve their ability to eat and drink food and fluids safely
  • are transitioning from non-oral (tube) feeding to oral feeding or from oral feeding to non-oral (tube) feeding

We offer:

  • assessment of swallowing function using a range of evidence-based and standardised assessments at your preferred location
  • recommendations to manage your swallowing difficulties that are practical, easy to read and follow
  • close liaison with your treating Doctor, Specialists and support team
  • follow up as required
  • training and education to your support team regarding your care needs