Swallowing Eating Drinking
Swallowing Eating Drinking

Early identification and treatment of speech and language delays is key

to helping your child get off to a great start at school academically and socially. We are highly experienced in assessing and providing therapy to children and are passionate about giving all children the best start to school.
Voicebox Speech Pathology Swallowing

We can assist school-aged children who:

  • use limited speech sounds or whose speech is difficult to understand
  • have difficulty engaging socially with others, turn-taking or following rules of conversation
  • have difficulty understanding instructions, sentences and answering questions
  • have difficulty with comprehension tasks and auditory memory
  • have difficulty putting words together to make a sentence or retelling or writing stories in a logical, organised way
  • have limited grammar and vocabulary knowledge
  • have difficulty making inferences, predicting, and identifying the main idea in stories and text
  • have difficulty with phonics (matching speech sounds to letters of the alphabet) and phonemic awareness
  • have difficulty with phonological and phonemic awareness including rhyming, syllable counting and manipulating sounds in words
  • have difficulties spelling, reading words and comprehending written text