Voicebox Speech Pathology

Service Fees




Initial Consultation (including screening assessments and summary report where applicable)

60 minutes


Therapy sessions:




Extended Consultation

60 minutes



Standard Consultation

45 minutes



Short Consultation

30 minutes



Group Therapy (where applicable)

45 minutes


Standardised (Diagnostic) Language Assessment


For individuals up to 21 years of age – Includes Articulation (Speech) Screening

Including administration of assessment (1-2 sessions), interpretation and analysis of results, table of scores and diagnosis letter (which may be used for school funding purposes), and a 20 minute feedback phone call or clinic appointment to discuss assessment results, recommendations and implications for functioning at home, school and in the community.




With comprehensive written report



Visiting Service


Visiting services attract an additional fee of $15 in addition to usual service fee for initial consultations and therapy sessions.




Additional Travel


In some circumstances visiting services may attract an additional travel cost where travel to and from the service location is more than a 10km return trip from the business address.